Based on Vila das Aves, Portugal,
specializing in the development of
home textiles.

Since its founding in 2011, the company has stood out for its continuous commitment to product innovation, offering excellent items in a highly competitive market.
At Athome we are committed to providing high quality and innovative solutions to the home textiles market.

Whether in the development of bedding, table linen, towels or other products, Athome seeks to create pieces that combine an attractive design with comfort and durability.

With a focus on product excellence and the constant search for innovation, Athome stands out as a reference company in the home textile sector, offering quality solutions to its customers, both nationally and internationally.

We're more than a home textile company

We are a family business, with family values, which aims to create lasting and trusting relationships with our customers. Our mission is to offer the best product at the best price, with the best design. For this, we have a team focused and united in this purpose. We constantly update our products to keep up with the market and never neglect the latest trends.

We intend to be a reference company in the textile industry sector, namely in home textiles and hotel textiles, through our capacity for innovation, quality, flexibility and human potential, anticipating customer needs, thus helping them to create new projects and to carry them out successfully.

Quality is a fundamental pillar in everything we do. We want to be recognized for the excellence of our products, durability, attention to detail and the satisfaction they provide our customers. We invest in strict production control at all stages of the process, from material selection to final manufacture, in order to ensure that our products meet the highest standards of satisfaction and quality.